Kathleen Mason

Image descriptionKathleen Mason (daughter of Eleanore Mason, granddaughter of John Smith Jr.) was born July 27, 1945. She pursues her love of antiquing and archaelogy where she works at a local antique's dealer.



She has 1 son* and 1 grandson.


Kathy Mason

Born Kathleen Emma Mason h in New Bedford on July 27, 1945. Her middle name is after he maternal grandmother. 


Maternal Parents - John Philip Jr. and Emma Smith

Mother: Eleanor (Smith) Mason

Born Eleanor Anne Smith in New Bedford on May 30, 1922. She was married to Edward Mason on February 3, 1945. 

Father: Edward Henry Mason (Age: 87)

Born in New London, Connecticut on June 26, 1916 and died in New Bedford on October ??, 2003.

Paternal Parents - n/a

Ex-Husband - Marriage #1

Norman Bernard

Kathy's first marriage was to Norman Bernard on September 17, 1977. She was 22 and the marriage lasted approximately 2 years. They had no children.

**Ex-Husband - Marriage #2

*Steve Pepin

Kathy was married to Steve Pepin on December 31, 19?? . This was her second marriage and was married for ?? years until ?? 19??.  They had 1 son Joshua Pepin who was born September 17, 1977.