Eleanor (Smith) Mason

Image descriptionEleanor Anne Smith (daughter of John Smith Jr.) married Edward Henry Mason on February 3, 1945 at Holy Name Church, New Bedford. Eleanor's sister Joan and Private 1st Class Joseph Phillips were the "attendants". Their reception was held at the New Bedford Hotel. She was 22 years old and he was 28. They had Kathy on July 27, 1945.




They had 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren (of which one was an infant death), and 1 great-grandson.



Eleanor (Smith) Mason

Born Eleanor Anne Smith in New Bedford on May 30, 1922. She was delivered at home as was the norm during this period. 

Eleanor was a young adult she had lots of boyfriends.  At one time she went to night school to learn French for a boy.  She also had a boyfriend who worked at the sanatorium where her sister Louise was recovering from tuberculosis.

For many years Eleanor worked at the Plymouth Plantation as Mary Brewster on the Mayflower ship. She also gave many speeches about the era to schools and organizations.


Edward Henry Mason (Age: 87)

Born in New London, Connecticut on June 26, 1916 and died in New Bedford on October ??, 2003.








Maternal Parents - John Philip Jr. and Emma Smith

Father: John Philip Jr. (Age: 68)

Born in New Bedford on July 29, 1890 and died in New Bedford on August 19, 1958.

John (age 27) married Emma (age 27) on June 18, 1917 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. They had 5 daughters and 10 grandchildren.

Mother:Emma (Boulé) Smith (Age: 86)

Born Emma Louise Boulé in New Bedford on December 14, 1890 and died in New Bedford on February 9, 1976.

Paternal Parents - Mr. & Mrs. Mason

Father: Mr. Mason (Age: ??)

Mr. xxxx Mason was born in ??? on XXXX, 19XX and died in XXXX on XXXX, 19XX.

Mr. Mason (age XX) married Mrs. Mason (age xx) on xxxx, 18xx in ???. They had ? children (? daughters and ? sons) and ?? grandchildren.

Mother: Mrs. Mason (Age: ??)

Mrs. xxxx Mason was born in ??? on XXXX, 19XX and died in XXXX on XXXX, 19XX.