Heather (Tringali) Comstock

Heather (Tringali) Comstock* was married to Matthew Comstock on September 3, 2006 in Cherry Hill, NJ. They were both 26 years old.

Heather is the Director of Resource Develoment for a non-profit organization, The Family Resource Network, Trenton, NJ. Matt is an Engineer for the U.S. Army at the Picatinny Arsenal Base, NJ.

She has 1 half-sister on her father's side and 1 half-brother on her mother's side..

*(daughter of Elizabeth Crawford; granddaughter of Louise Crawford; great-grandaughter of John Smith Jr.)


Heather Tringali

Born Heather Michelle Tringali in Hackensack Hospital, Hackensack, NJ on January 1, 1980.


Matthew Comstock

Born Matthew Stock in ??? Hospital, ???, NJ on September 22, 1981. He was named after ????

Matt has one sister, Lindsey, born xxx,19xx.


Children - None

Mternal Parents (divorced) - Crawford / Tringali

Mother: Elizabeth Crawford

Born in Christ Hosptial, Jersey City, NJ on October 22, 1953.

Liz (age 24) married Glenn (age 26) on Ocotber 8, 1977 in Jersey City, NJ. They had 1 daughter. She remarried in 1994 to Douglas Sayour and divorced in 2004. They had 1 son Alexander Sayour born May 9, 1995.

Father: Glenn Tringali

Born Glenn Tringali in Jersey City, NJ on September 14, 1951. He re-married in 1984 to Nancy Wiley. They had 1 daughter Marissa. born in 1985.

Mternal Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Comstock

Mother: Barbara

Barbara ??? was born in ??? on XXXX, 19XX.

Barbara Comstock (age 27) married ??? (age 27) on XXXX, 19?? in Church?, ???, NJ. They had 2 children (1 son Matthew and 1 daughter Lindsey, and 1 grandson Nov. 2008).

Father: Mr. Comstock

Mr. xxxx Comstock was born in ???, ???? on ????, 19??.