Jennifer Neely Baylor

Image descriptionJennifer Neely Baylor (daughter of Joyce (Crawford) Baylor, grandaughter of Louise Crawforfd, and great-granddaughter of John Smith Jr).

She received her BA in Special Education from Boson University in 2004 and her MA in Special Education from Boston College in 2008. She is currently a Special Education teacher for a private school in England, about 1 1/2 hours outside of London.

She has 1 brother, 1 step-sister, and 1 step-brother.



Jennifer Neely Baylor

Born Jennifer Neely Baylor on May 14, 1982 in Winchester, Massachusetts. Her middle name is her father's biological last name. His birth name was Dennis Thomas Neely.  After his father died and his mother remarried, Dennis was legally adopted and his last name was changed to Baylor.  Since he was the last person with the Neely family name, it was used as the middle name for Jennifer as well as her brother.

Husband - n/a

Children - n/a

Maternal Parents - Joyce Baylor and Dennis Baylor

Mother: Joyce (Crawford) Baylor

Born Joyce Mary Crawfod on June 16, 1948 at Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, Jersey City, NJ (The hospital closed in 1979.) Her Granmother Emma Smith chose the name.

Joyce married Dennis on April 29, 1972 in the City of New York, Office of the Clerk, Borough of Manhattan (City Hall).  They were also married in a very small church ceremony on Governor's Island, NY, in August 1972. (Dennis was an active member of the U. S. Coast Guard.).  They were separated in 1991; and divorced in 1999. They had 2 children.

Father: Dennis Thomas Baylor

Born in Oakridge, Tennessee, on March 7, 1950. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He re-married in 2007 to Dee Kahan and is the step-father to her two children Missy and Jason from her first marriage.

Paternal Parents - n/a