Joyce (Crawford) Baylor

Image descriptionJoyce Mary Crawford (daughter of Louise Crawford; grandaughter of John Smith Jr.) has lived in Burlington, MA since 1978.  She is a certified Paralegal and started working in the Legal Department of Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Burlington, MA. in 2006 as an Administrative Assistant. Previously she was employed by the Burlington School System for 16 years as an Assistant Teacher and has a Bachelor's Degree from Lesley College,Cambridge, MA.

She has two children: 1 daughter* and 1 son*.


Joyce (Crawford) Baylor

Born Joyce Mary Crawfod on June 16, 1948 at Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, Jersey City, NJ (The hospital closed in 1979.) Her Grandmother Emma Smith chose the name.

Maternal Parents - Louise and Robert Crawford

Mother: Louise Crawford (Age: 80)

Born Louise T. Smith in New Bedford on September 15, 1919 and died in New Bedford on January 6, 2000. She was delivered at home as was the norm during this period.

Louise Smith (age 27) married Robert Crawford (age 27) on November 27, 1946 in St. Henry's Rectory, Bayonne, NJ. They had 6 children (2 daughters and 4 sons - including 1 infant death).

Father: Robert Crawford, Jr.(Age: 56)

Robert Glenn Crawford, Jr. was born in Baxter Township, Arkansas on October 11, 1919 and died October 20, 1975. He joined the Army just before WWII began in 1941 and served 4 years in Europe. He was awarded the Purple Heart after being lost at sea for 7 days.

Ex-Husband's Parents - see Jen Baylor or Jonathan Baylor



*Dennis Thomas Baylor

Married Joyce Crawford on April 29, 1972, separated in 1991; divorced 1999. Birth father of Jennifer and Jonathan Baylor.